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sullivan palatek industrial air compressors


The Ultimate Performance Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Sullivan Palatek Industrial 100 HP Rotary Screw Air CompressorSullivan-Palatek industrial air compressors are available in over 65 configurations from 5hp to 400hp. Advanced rotor profile geometry and oversized radial thrust bearings are key design features that result in less wear, less heat, and longer life. Sullivan-Palatek high efficiency electric driven rotary screw air compressors provide more air at higher pressures than competitive machines.

  • High Efficiency
  • Long Life
  • Continuous Duty
  • Pressures up to 175 PSI
  • Capacities up to 1500 ACFMM
  • C-Face Flange Mount Direct Drive
  • Optional Acoustical Enclosures
  • Up to 5 Year Warranty - Conditions Apply

Reciprocating compressors and a series of specialty line shaft rotary screw compressors designed for the mining industry are also available.

Contact Applied Air Systems, Inc. to determine which Sullivan-Palatek industrial air compressor model and options package is best suited to your requirements.

COMPRESSOR:Oil flooded rotary screw, continuous duty, industrial air compressor.
ELECTRIC MOTOR:200/208/230/460/575 Volt, 3-phase, up to 400HP. 230 Volt Single Phase up to 10 HP
MOTOR STARTER:Full voltage magnetic starter with 110 volt control. Soft start, solid state, and Wye Delta starters also available.
CONTROLS:Full modulation, auto dual control, timed stop or constant run, optional microprocessor
INSTRUMENTATION:Line pressure, discharge pressure, operating temperature gauge, hour meter, oil filter & separator element differential gauges.
COOLING SYSTEM:Air cooled oil cooler/aftercooler. Updraft models include a single fan cooling motor with a large side by side after cooler - oil cooler package for easy cleaning.
LUBRICATION SYSTEM:Palasyn 45 (4000 hour) synthetic lubricoolant. Spin on microfiber oil filters for ease of maintenance.
AIR FILTER:Replaceable dry type.
AIR/OIL SEPARATOR:ASME code 200 PSIG tank, high efficiency replaceable separator element
Features & available options vary between models


Sullivan Palatek Direct Drive Coupling Air CompressorDirect Drive Coupling



Sullivan Palatek Microprocessor ControlsMicroprocessor Control Panel


Sullivan-Palatek Industrial Division
Rotary Screw Air Compressors
 Item #Item NameCapacity, ACFMDischarge ConnectionMax Full Load (psig)Min Full Load (psig)(RPM)Motor HPShipping Weight (lbs)
View More Detail5MIndustrial Air Compressors223/4"12572N/A5210
View More DetailH5MIndustrial Air Compressors183/4"15072N/A5210
View More DetailHH5MIndustrial Air Compressors15.53/4"17572N/A5210
View More Detail5BPIndustrial Air Compressors203/4"1256017255275
View More DetailH5BPIndustrial Air Compressors17.53/4"1506017255275
View More DetailHH5BPIndustrial Air Compressors143/4"1756017455275
View More Detail5CDFIndustrial Air Compressors203/4"1256017455C/F
View More Detail7.5MIndustrial Air Compressors323/4"12572N/A7.5280
View More DetailH7.5MIndustrial Air Compressors283/4"15072N/A7.5280
View More DetailHH7.5MIndustrial Air Compressors243/4"17572N/A7.5280 lbs
View More Detail7.5BPIndustrial Air Compressors283/4"1256034507.5325
View More DetailH7.5BPIndustrial Air Compressors243/4"1506034507.5325
View More DetailHH7.5BPIndustrial Air Compressors18.53/4"1756034507.5325
View More Detail7.5CDFIndustrial Air Compressors281/2"1256034507.5C/F
View More Detail10MIndustrial Air Compressors383/4"12572N/A10330 lbs
View More DetailH10MIndustrial Air Compressors353/4"15072N/A10330 lbs
View More DetailHH10MIndustrial Air Compressors323/4"17572N/A10330 lbs
View More Detail10BPIndustrial Air Compressors403/4"12560345010425
View More DetailH10BPIndustrial Air Compressors333/4"15060345010425
View More DetailHH10BPIndustrial Air Compressors283/4"17560345010425
View More Detail10CDFIndustrial Air Compressors401/2"12560345010C/F
View More Detail15DIndustrial Air Compressors55N/A120/13060175015N/A
View More DetailH15DIndustrial Air Compressors54N/A145/15560175015N/A
View More Detail20DIndustrial Air Compressors80N/A120/13060175020N/A
View More DetailH20DIndustrial Air Compressors78N/A145/15560175020N/A
View More DetailHH20DIndustrial Air Compressors53N/A170/18060175020N/A
View More Detail25DIndustrial Air Compressors110N/A120/13060354025N/A
View More DetailH25DIndustrial Air Compressors95N/A145/15560177525N/A
View More DetailHH25DIndustrial Air Compressors80N/A170/18060175525N/A
View More Detail25D4Industrial Air Compressors95N/A120/13060177525N/A
View More DetailH25D4Industrial Air Compressors90N/A145/15560177525N/A
View More Detail30D7Industrial Air Compressors115N/A120/13060355030N/A
View More DetailH30D7Industrial Air Compressors110N/A145/15560355030N/A
View More DetailHH30D7Industrial Air Compressors105N/A170/18060355030N/A
View More Detail30DGIndustrial Air Compressors125N/A120/13060177530N/A
View More Detail40DIndustrial Air Compressors166N/A120/13060355040N/A
View More DetailH40DIndustrial Air Compressors115N/A145/15560355040N/A
View More DetailHH40DIndustrial Air Compressors110N/A170/18060355040N/A
View More Detail40DGIndustrial Air Compressors165N/A120/13060175040N/A
View More Detail40UDIndustrial Air Compressors166N/A120/13060355040N/A
View More DetailH40UDIndustrial Air Compressors115N/A145/15560355040N/A
View More DetailHH40UDIndustrial Air Compressors110N/A170/18060355040N/A
View More Detail50UDIndustrial Air Compressors210N/A120/13060355050N/A
View More DetailH50UDIndustrial Air Compressors200N/A145/15560355050N/A
View More DetailHH50UDIndustrial Air Compressors160N/A170/18060355050N/A
View More Detail50DGIndustrial Air Compressors225N/A120/13060177550N/A
View More Detail60UDIndustrial Air Compressors280N/A120/13060355060N/A
View More DetailH60UDIndustrial Air Compressors225N/A145/15560355060N/A
View More DetailHH60UDIndustrial Air Compressors165N/A170/18060355060N/A
View More Detail75UDGIndustrial Air Compressors356N/A120/13060177575N/A
View More DetailH75UDGIndustrial Air Compressors335N/A145/15560177575N/A
View More DetailHH75UDGIndustrial Air Compressors275N/A170/18060177575N/A
View More Detail100UDIIIndustrial Air Compressors420N/A120/130601775100N/A
View More Detail100UDGIIIndustrial Air Compressors500N/A100/115601775100N/A
View More Detail100UDGIIIndustrial Air Compressors450N/A120/130601775100N/A
View More Detail100UDGIndustrial Air Compressors440N/A120/130601775100N/A
View More DetailH100UDGIndustrial Air Compressors345N/A145/155601775100N/A
View More DetailHH100UDGIndustrial Air Compressors325N/A170/180601775100N/A
View More Detail125UDIndustrial Air Compressors545N/A120/130601775125N/A
View More DetailL125UDIndustrial Air Compressors625N/A100/110601775125N/A
View More Detail150UDIndustrial Air Compressors705N/A120/130601775150N/A
View More DetailL150UDIndustrial Air Compressors750N/A100/110601775150N/A
View More DetailH150UDIndustrial Air Compressors615N/A145/155601775150N/A
View More Detail200UDIndustrial Air Compressors900N/A120/130601775200N/A
View More DetailL200UDIndustrial Air Compressors1000N/A100/110601775200N/A
View More DetailH250UDIndustrial Air Compressors950N/A145/155601775250N/A
View More Detail300UDIndustrial Air Compressors1500N/A100/110601750300N/A
View More Detail350UDIndustrial Air Compressors1500N/A120/130601750350N/A