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Hankison Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

The global leader in efficiently treating compressed air


Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers - Clean Cool Dry Compressed Air



Hankison GCU Series
Non-Cycling Refrigerated Gas Cooling Units

Hankison GCU Refrigerated Air Dryers

Since 1948 Hankison has been a trusted brand name known for providing innovative compressed air treatment solutions. The GCU Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Gas Cooling Units are a key component for processes requiring gas cooling by offering the right combination of technology and simplicity.

Hankison GCU Series cooling units are built with quality components and equipped for 50 to 330 scfm (85 to 561 nm3/h) operations. The GCU system incorporates compact heat exchanger technology, integral filtration, and emmTM (Energy Management Monitor) support.

Temperature sensitive applications such as surface cooling of glass molds and hot metal parts benefit from a stable supply of cool, clean process air. Blow-off operations gain efficiency by removing excess oils, dust and liquids.

Hankison's GCU cooling units guarantee service support when needed and the clean, cool air required for your processes.

For more detailed information regarding the GCU Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Gas Cooling Units, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc. today!


hankison refrigerated air dryers

Hankison HPR Series
Non-cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers 5 to 500 scfm

Hankison HPR Refrigerated Air Dryers

HPR Series Refrigerated Air Dryers Improve Productivity

Hankison delivers the right solutions for compressed air treatment. HPR Series non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers offer the right combination of technology and simplicity to keep your air system at a dry, 38° F (+3° C) pressure dew point, from 5 through 500 scfm. All HPR Series dryers are built for durability, in a space-saving design. Sturdy sheet steel is formed and protected by an epoxy-based powdercoat finish. Reliable reciprocating refrigeration systems use environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant. R-134a is known for its ability to maintain stable temperatures to protect the integrity of the 38° F (+3° C) pressure dew point. HPR Series can handle the pressure.

Models HPR5-10 through HPR50 Feature:

  • Integral Moisture Separator
  • Timer operated drain with isolation valve/strainer (float drain on HPR5-10)
  • Models HPR5-10 and HPR15 designed to adapt to legacy Hankison HVAC installations
  • On/off switch illuminates when the compressor is on

Models HPR75 through HPR500 Feature:

  • Integral 304 stainless steel heat exchanger, mesh demister and moisture separator for long life
  • Timer operated drain includes isolation valve/strainer to protect valve from rust and scale
  • Panel mounted drain timer controls (HPR200-500)
  • LED style dew point indicator (HPR200-500)
  • Panel filter captures ambient dirt and dust to keep condenser clean (HPR100-500)

Hankison provides customers with reliability and clean, dry compressed air at an affordable price. No fancy bells and whistles - just dry air, pure and simple.

For more detailed information regarding the HPR Series dryers, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc.


hankison refrigerated air dryers

Hankison HPRplus Series ColdWave™
Refrigerated Air Dryers 100 to 3,000 scfm

Hankison HPRplus ColdWave Refrigerated Air Dryers

Hankison ColdWave™ refrigerated compressed air dryers feature Hankison's most advanced heat exchanger technology.

Being the global leader in compressed air treatment is what continues to set the Hankison brand apart. Since L.E. Hankison patented the Condensifilter™, (forerunner to the refrigerated air dryer) in 1943, Hankison engineers have set the industry standard for refrigerated dryer technology. ColdWave™ heralds the next generation of Hankison high performance refrigerated dryers designed for quality and reliability.

Compressed air demand in most plants fluctuates significantly. Hankison offers compressed air users two refrigerated drying technologies to choose from. High performance HPRplus Series and HES Series dryers include integral 3 micron HR Series Grade 9 filtration to deliver high-quality air. Add the integral 0.008 ppm (0.01 mg/m3) w/w HF Series Grade 5 Cold Coalescing filtration option to gain premium air quality.

HPRplus Series Models HPRP100 to 150

  • On/off switch, Power-on light, and dew point temperature indicator-alerts operator to overload condition or refrigeration system fault
  • HF Series Grade 9 Filter / Separator
  • Optional HF Series Grade 5 coalescing oil removal filter

HPRP200 to 3000 with the emm™ Energy Management Monitor

This advanced 24 volt electronic control package has many user-friendly interfaces which can save energy, automate service intervals, communicate in ten languages, and add functionality.

  • Energy-saving "schedule mode" for predictive maintenance schedules: to ensure that the condenser on air-cooled units is maintained dust-free
  • HF Series Grade 9 Moisture Separator/Filter
  • HF Series Grade 5 cold coalescing, oil removal filter
  • Operator interface with read-outs comes standard in ten languages.
  • Remote monitoring of the emm™, from your computer, possible through the RS-232 Communication Port
  • Fault condition diagnostics with user-friendly text display

Hankison ColdWave™ dryers deliver stable ISO8573.1 Quality Class 4 and Class 5 pressure dew points and remove solid particulates and oil from compressed air systems across all operating flows.

It's no wonder that leaders of industry specify Hankison products to protect their critical products and processes from contaminants.

For more detailed information regarding the HPRplus Coldwave® Series dryers, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc.


hankison refrigerated air dryers

Hankison HES Series ColdWave™
Stable 38°F (3°C) dew points

Hankison HES ColdWave Refrigerated Air Dryers

The HES Series features groundbreaking technologies for the refrigerated compressed air dryer industry.

Digital Evaporator Technology continues the Hankison tradition of stable 38°F (3°C) dew points. Unlike anything in the industry, the HES Series, with patented Digital Evaporator Technology, offers energy saving advantages over traditional non-cycling, cycling and variable speed designs. Hankison technology platforms of heat exchangers, filtration and refrigeration are CSA and UL certified, represent the best value solution available for heavy-duty air demand profiles.

Rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI)
The HES Series is designed to provide a rapid return on investment by:

  • Reducing the dryer's energy consumption down to 9% (91% savings) at 0% load
  • Precise matching of average air flow (heat load) with the required input kW power...No More...No Less
  • Qualifying for energy rebates offered by utility companies
  • Maintaining a stable 38°F (3°C) dew point with no dew point spikes

The HES Series Refrigeration System
Patented Digital Evaporator Technology controls the actions of the three core components in the refrigeration system (Digital Evaporator, Digital Control board, Digital Scroll refrigeration compressor) to provide true load-matching energy savings while maintaining a very stable 38°F (3°C) dew point.

Air Treatment Station Features:

  • HF Series Grade 9 Coalescing Separator/Filter
  • Integrated HF Series Grade 5 Cold Coalescing Oil Removal Filter (optional)
  • Dedicated Electronic demand drain(s) for the integrated separator/filter and for the optional oil removal filter
  • RS-232 Communication Port Space savings with dryer (no pre-filter required) and after-filters all in one cabin

Hankison crafts quality refrigerated dryers engineered to match the specific air demands of your compressed air system.

For more detailed information regarding the HES Coldwave® Series dryers, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc.


hankison refrigerated air dryers

Hankison HV & HES Series
High-Volume Refrigerated Air Dryers 4,000 thru 20,000 scfm

Hankison HV and HES Refrigerated Air Dryers

Hankison crafts quality high-volume refrigerated compressed air dryers by leveraging two distinct designs to satisfy the requirements of large air users. Each open-frame, high-capacity style refrigerated dryer is engineered to match the specific air demands of your compressed air system.

HV Series - Non Cycling Dryers 4,000 thru 20,000 scfm
HV Series High-Volume dryers combine economy and performance. Dry compressed air and energy savings result from traditional non-cycling refrigeration systems incorporated into a space saving design.

HV Series dryers feature:

  • Continuous-duty refrigeration systems for reliable 38°F dew points
  • Integral head-unloaders save energy during times of reduced air demand
  • Integral Grade 9 filter elements remove contaminants to 3 micron

HES Series - Cycling Dryers 4,000 thru 12,000 scfm
HES Series "Hankison Energy Saver" cycling dryers automatically match energy savings to your air demands. A simple refrigeration system chills a large volume of thermal storage fluid that possesses exceptional heat transfer characteristics. Much like your refrigerator at home, we start-and-stop the refrigeration compressor as needed. Cold thermal storage fluid circulates continuously through durable shell type heat exchangers and around the all copper tubes to provide 33°F - 39°F pressure dew points.

HES Series dryers feature:

  • Energy efficient cycling operation to match energy savings to plant air demands
  • Text display delivers Percentage-of-Energy savings, Process Control
  • Temperature, Presetor Adjustable Dew Point value
  • Trip-L-Traps, the original air-operated demand drains, are included as standard

SPX Hankison has designed and manufactured energy-efficient solutions for compressed air treatment since 1948.

For more detailed information regarding the HV & HES Series dryers, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc.


hankison refrigerated air dryers

Hankison H Series
Consistent dew points of 38°F to 50°F, 3°C to 10°C.

Hankison H Series Refrigerated Air Dryers

H Series high capacity refrigerated air dryers, suitable for compressed air installations greater than 2000 scfm, 3400 Nm3/hr, provide consistent dew points of 38°F to 50°F, 3°C to 10°C.

Automatic temperature control maintains consistent dewpoint temperature across a wide range of operating conditions. Direct expansion, non-cycling refrigeration system allows rapid response to changes in load.

Hankison heat exchangers are engineered and manufactured shell and radial finned tube design ensures sufficient cooling...minimizes pressure drop... resists fouling. Large air-to-air heat exchangers remove over half of the heat load from the incoming air stream - minimizing refrigeration system size and power requirements

Two stage separator removes 99+% of condensed moisture and maintains this high efficiency across a wide range of flows

Pilot operated, compressed air powered drains operate only when necessary with no loss of air (Pneumatically operated drains standard through modelH-88; electrically operated timed drains optional. Electrically operated timed drains standard on models H-99 and larger).

For more detailed information regarding the H Series dryers, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc.



hankison refrigerated air dryers

Hankison HIT Series
High Temperature Air to 180°F, 82°C

Hankison HIT Refrigerated Air Dryers

A Hankison HIT Series Dryer is Designed and Built to Run Reliably for Years
HIT (High Inlet Temperature) refrigerated compressed air dryers are compact with highly efficient heat exchangers, no internal mesh to foul. Heat exchange efficiency is increased by creating helix flow paths in counterflow arrangement. The two stage separator/filter removes condensed oil ad water over a wide range of flows. A reliable condensate drain - air operated - automatically discharges water and oil from dryer without air loss and no timer to adjust. Our automatic refrigeration temperature control system maintains precise chilled air temperature that never needs to be adjusted for load, ambient or seasonal changes. No freeze ups! A Hermetic refrigeration system requires no maintenance & no adjustments - it operates as reliably as your home refrigerator.

Since 1948, industry leaders around the globe have relied on Hankison to deliver the right solutions for compressed air treatment. Hankison's HIT Series dyers deliver cool, dry and clean air for your compressed air system in one, compact easy-to-use package.

  • Cools, accepts high temperature air to 180°F, 82°C directly from your air compressor, no separate aftercooler and separator required
  • Dries, removes moisture, eliminates troublesome water from downstream air lines and equipment
  • integral 3 micron filter removes solid contaminants and 60% of oil aerosols. (For virtually oil free air, Hankison high efficiency oil removal filters are available.)

For more detailed information regarding the HIT Series dryers, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc.


hankison refrigerated air dryers

Hankison HPET Series
The Solution for PET Blow Molding Compressed Air Installations!

Hankison HPET Refrigerated Air Dryers

Since 1948 Hankison has been a trusted brand name known for reliable refrigerated dryers and filters to remove moisture, solid particulate, and oil from the air lines which are at the heart of every blow molding process.

Hankison HPET Series dryers are built in accordance to UL/CSA certification and designed for 725 psig (51 kg/cm2) operation. The HPET system incorporates compact plate heat exchanger technology in order to maintain stable 38°F (3°C) dew points for the life of the unit.

HPET dryers are tailored for specific industrial applications to include blow molding, aeronautical valve testing, pharmaceutical packaging and injection molding. The time-tested, field proven technology will provide years of trouble free service and are supported through Hankison's global network of service professionals.

HPET is the solution!

For more detailed information regarding the HPET Series dryers, contact Applied Air Systems, Inc.